What is Email Marketing And Its Types

Email Marketing

Email promoting could be a tool that gives worth to users within the sort of content. It provides direct users through each step of the customer journey or sales funnel when they get stuck.

Email promoting is arguably the foremost underrated digital promoting channel. Email marketing is an important digital marketing channel because not everyone is there on every social media platform for example not everyone is there on Facebook, Instagram, linked and other social media channels, on the other hand, everyone has an email address so it is the very important marketing channel.

This was a brief explanation of email marketing now let’s drive into its types.


1)  Welcome Emails

2)  Email Newsletters

3)  Lead Nurturing Emails

4)  Transactional Emails

5)  Brand Collaborating Emails

6)  Request Emails

Welcome Emails

Welcome Email

Welcome Emails: A welcome email sequence could be a cluster of emails sent to your subscribers once they need to opt into your list. It’s your probability to form a stellar initial impression your sole job at this stage is to urge subscribers hooked on you and what you symbolize.

This is where you introduce yourself tell brand story reinforces the benefits of being subscribed to your list empathize why are you different from your competitor, Set expectations for a relationship moving forward phase your new subscribers that’s a task right well in an exceedingly sense it's and that’s why I don’t recommend just a single welcome email in truth having a best welcome email isn’t about copying others rather it’s about getting subscribers

Acquainted with your brand story they can almost recite your value proposition and it takes careful planning to deliver an email sequence that achieves.

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters:  Email Newsletter strictest sense is just an update about your business, company, website, or your organization that you send out to your subscribers, but of Couse, it’s more than that a lot of time people get hung up on what they should write in the newsletter what their newsletter should be about

Newsletters a great way to keep your subscribers engaged because a newsletter is a time-sensitive email that is sent out you choose the date and time it goes out to your subscribers it’s not automated emails like a campaign.

This kind of email is really great temperature check on your audience to see really how engaged they are again rather than signing up getting some automated emails and that’s this is often a continual story or email that gets sent bent them.

So you’re really able to gauge how interested they are and engage with your content as the months and even the years go by.

Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead Nurturing Emails:  Lead nurturing emails are the golden thread that holds together the entire inbound process. Lead nurturing emails are the automated email communications with prospects that nurture the lead from the point where your customers make their first contact with you until they are ready to be approached by a sales representative it’s important to remember that these emails need to be educational personalized and non-intrusive as opposed to cold calling on that note a quick fact about cold calling has been proven that 90% of all cold call are infective.

That is why entering lead nurturing so the purpose of these males is to provide prospects with useful information about your product and services assist and building a relationship with your prospects and guide them through the different bias stages.

Let’s check on the stages of the emails.

1)      Awareness Stage:


  •     First emails they receive after downloading content from your website.

  •     Provide them with useful information in the form of a whitepaper, tips, and how-to videos.


2)      Consideration Stage:

  •      The lead is now aware of your products and services and requires more information to help them realize that you are the best fit for them.

  •      Provide them with useful information in the form of webinars, FAQs, Demo videos, Datasheets, etc.


3)      Decision Stages:

  •     The leads have now considered your product or services, is aware of the benefits and should be ready to make a purchase.

  •     These emails ought to guide them to the sales team by suggesting they request a consultation, started a sales decision, or register for a free trial.

Transnational Emails

Transnational Emails

Transactional Emails:  Transactional email is used to confirm a transaction you and your contact typically it’s a way of passing information an example of a transactional email could be an email letting a user know their username and password or another example is conformation email.

These would be emails that the customers receive confirming the details of an order that they’ve just placed by your website these emails are generally just used to pass on important information using them as a way of selling is often overlooked by most of us.

Historically we’ve always thought that selling takes place with email marketing newsletters. Transactional emails are there purely to pass on information.

Brand Collaborating Emails

Brand Collaborating Emails

Brand Collaborating Emails:  Brand Story emails is pretty much something that you send to a brand asking them if they are open to collaborating with you that is the short of it there very isn’t it way more therefore it is your manner of pitching yourself to an entire and older their measuring system.

It is very important for micro-influencers in a perfect world brand will be knocking at your door saying I want to work with you and also pay you this is how brand collaboration emails come into play.

Request Emails

Request Emails

Request Emails: In business and overall interactions with peoples making requests will be one of your top reasons for communicating through emails there are many situations where you would need to make a request you could be asking for additional information on certain process employment opportunities or even simply asking for directions to their office or factory maybe you are asking them to send certain files or documents or perhaps you want to request a meeting with them whichever the case since you are asking them to do something for the language you used must be respectful and polite.

The easiest way to make your sentence sound polite is by adding the words like please, in America it popular and the children learn it from an early age. You can use it in your resume or you can use it in your emails and many other places.