Top 4 Books For Affiliate Marketers

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Today I want to take a little bit of a different approach instead of different make money online videos. I want to tell you about books that will help you start making more money with affiliate marketing.


Now you’re never going to expect them because they’re not specifically about affiliate marketing, but they will help you be better at it to help you to understand what you might not ever expect them is because that marketing is an umbrella term that covers a lot of different things. And to be good at affiliate marketing, you have to be decent at a lot of different things like SEO search engine optimization, copywriting for sales copy, email headlines, advertising funnels, traffic generation with paid organic content creation. And this is just barely touching on the topics.


There are so many more that go into the umbrella term of marketing, but not just one book is going to cover all of those, most of them. So let’s get into the top five books that will make you better at affiliate marketing. Number one, it’s the only book. I don’t have a physical copy of it yet, but it is the absolute best place to start. Here there is a 5 books list below:

1) RICH DAD, POOR DAD by author Robert  T. Kiyosaki

2) GREAT LEADS by author Michael Masterson and John Forde

3) BREAKTHROUGH ADVERTISING by author Eugene M. Schwartz

4) TRAFFIC SECRET by author Russell Brunson

RICH DAD, POOR DAD by author Robert T.Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Should you read the book ‘Rich dad, Poor dad’ what inside the book?


The chapter dedicated that:

  • The Rich don’t work for money

  • Why Teach Financial Literacy?

  • Mind your own business

  • History of Taxes and Corporations

  • The Rich invent Money

  • Work to learn – Don’t work for money

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • Getting started

  • Want More? Here’s Some to Do’s


What I Liked About ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’?

It was fun and easy to read. Here the most of the chapter are conversations. Lots of examples and simple theoretical situations.

Probably the best explanation of cash flow, His cash flow quadrant explanation is excellent. It’s nice to emphasize the importance of assets. This also shows poor, middle-class, and rich differences.


What I didn’t like about ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’?

Toward the end it seemed more like fluff. It’s got a lot of pep-talk writing at the end, while nice for some, I felt it was a waste, Could have been a thinner and sleeker book.

It comes off like people who work at jobs are dumb while I agree that owning a business is efficient, it’s not to say that working a regular hob is bad. Additionally, it might be the only way for people to get money without risking money using debt.

In My Opinion, the best chapters are:

I have got top 3 chapters:


  1. Chapter 2 – Why teach Financial Literacy?

  2. Chapter 4 – The History of Taxes and Power of Corporations

  3. Chapter 6 – Work to Learn – Don’t work for Money.

Let we start from 3rd best chapter that is “work to learn- don’t work for money”


The main ideas in this chapter are:

Growing skills and developing yourself > a little extra pay. Sometimes taking an unpaid/low-paying position to get experience is much better than a dead-end job with higher pay. And never stop developing your best asset ….YOURSELF!

The 2nd best chapter is chapter 4- the history of taxes and the power of corporations.

The main ideas are how companies are taxed compared to employees, why the ultra-rich make their money through growing their business, and how they do it. The importance of LEGALLY paying as little tax as you can.

The 1st best chapter is chapter 2- why teach financial Literacy?

The main ideas are the cash flow quadrant for income, expense, assets, and liabilities. The real difference between poor, middle-class, and rich people.

GREAT LEADS by author Michael Masterson and John Forde

Great Leads.jpg

This book covers the following topics that are listed below:

  1. Why the lead is so important.

  2. What is the rule of one- why you must bring only ONE big idea to the table.

  3. Difference between a direct and indirect lead.

  4. The concept of reader familiarity.

  5. The 6 lead types and the rules surrounding them.

What is a ‘Great Lead’?


A lead is that initial ‘hook’ with which you engage your audience when promoting something.

Here there is a question that can you sell anything to an audience that hasn’t heard about you without a great ‘lead’?

No. without the audience noticing your ad and taking the time to click thereon and skim what it’s about, you'll not make any sales. Thus the lead is the most important part of any sales message- no matter how great the offer and everything else after that you won’t get any interest without people wanting to more first.

BREAKTHROUGH ADVERTISING by author Eugene M. Schwartz


This book is one of the most powerful and rare books in advertising and marketing that you hadn’t discovered yet if you have read it then it has been a great additional reinforcement I guess of the concept that is covered in this rare and very powerful book on advertising. Here I will give some of the details of the book review I did now all these are my notes from reading the book so.

The book consists of five basic strategies. The first is “Mass desire”, the second is “your prospect state of awareness” and how to capitalize on it when you write your headline the third part is the “Sophistication of your market and how many products have been there before you”? The fourth is “38 ways to strengthen your headline once you have your basic idea” and the fifth is “Summary” is the art of creative planning how to make an idea grow?

TRAFFIC SECRET by author Russell Brunson


This book reveals the foremost cutting-edge thanks to driving eyeballs to your product or service to assist people to find you. Unfortunately, too many people in business have taken the concept literally and have decided to run their business that way. They suppose if they build the most effective product or service, invent the most effective device, produce the most effective mastermind or write the most effective book, the globe can simply notice it.


They think that as long as they build the best product or service, the people will just find it. a number of the people weren’t making any money because they lacked the essential understanding of the way to convert their funnel’s visitors into customers. They didn’t understand the fundamentals of storytelling, building a tribe, persuasion, becoming a leader, and communicating with the people who entered their funnels. Traffic is the fuel for every successful business, and it’s the people who are coming into your funnels.