Top 14 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners in 2021

You can start your business as soon as possible because affiliate marketing is, without a doubt, the best online business that beginners can start because you can get started fast by simply promoting other people’s products.

So exactly what affiliate marketing is?

Basically Affiliate marketing is promoting other people products by with you can get some percentage of the commission from it for example if you are promoting any diet product and you are getting some percent like 35% and the product price is $100, If you are promoting this product and getting 1 Sale you can get 35% of that sale i.e. $35. This is basically called Affiliate Marketing.

The first step is to partner with an online store or an online brand basically someone or something or some business that sells online this can be physical product and services basically, anything under the sun but we partner with them so that we can promote their existing product now over here in the world, there are going to be people or a target market that want to buy that product because that product solves a problem for them or fills a hole for them luckily we’re connected to this target market by the internet because all people are connected and that’s the real internet opportunity.

Now it would be great for the business if they could simply just put up their store and people would run and buy but business doesn’t work like that so that’s where we as affiliate marketers come into play we bridge the gap between the target market which is the people who have a problem and them the product solves the problem that these people have now the way we do that is by building trust and report with the target market and we do this by offering additional value. We can tell stories or share our unique voice on social media, then we make the recommendation to the product, and when people go buy that product they pay us an Affiliate Commission.

Now let’s check some best affiliate networks for beginners.

1) ClickBank

2) Commission Junction

3) JVZoo

4) ShareAsale

5) AdWork Media

6) Rakuten Affiliate Network

7) PeerFly

8) Market Health

9) MaxBounty

10) eBay Affiliates

11) Amazon Associates

12) Avangate

13) Clickbooth



ClickBank: ClickBank is that the world’s largest web supplier of digital products. Every day, product square measure place into ClickBank’s marketplace for online marketers to evaluate whether or not they would love to push that product or not

Those who are newcomers to affiliate marketing visit ClickBank, examine all the products and then put up campaigns and internet sites to advertise them. Expectations are usually huge and all of the hype that the pitch pages of this product.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction: The commission junction formerly called CJ Affiliate is an online advertising company owned by public Groupe operating in the affiliate marketing industry, and which operates worldwide. The corporate headquarters is in California, Santa Barbara and the office is in Atlanta Chicago, New York, MA in the US and in the UK, France, India, Spain, and South Africa.


JVZoo: It’s the commission platform on the internet. JV contest generators, global cookies, and multiple JV partner payout options, and there is a little doubt as to why JVZoo is fast will become the place for product and affiliate owners.

Here the JVZoo, our user continues to grow their business year-over-year.


ShareASale: ShareASale spends over 21 years growing our network by building cutting-edge technology, nurturing relationships, and guiding merchants and publishers to success in the affiliate marketing channel. It has been used by an extensive network of partners to tap into new sources of revenue for your online business.

AdWork Media

AdWork Media: Adworkmedia is a marketing network that provides content monetization tools for developers and publishers. Here the global reach, platform, proprietary, and knowledgeable support team to create a unique experience for our advertiser and publishers. It earns more from the traffic with AdWork Media.

Rakuten Affiliate Network

Rakuten Affiliate Network: Rakuten is the brand name of the company that provides the services such as marketing, software publishing, and also consultancy for under MNC. Rakuten its ads to create an affiliate marketing strategy. In the affiliate marketing network the Rakuten advertising since from 20 years of experience in performance marketing and affiliate marketing, they know how to connect with consumers with products and brands in ways no one else can.


PeerFly: Peerfly is the fastest growing network on the web, and it is an award-winning online affiliate platform that removes risks, headaches, and costs and associates with the traditional online advertising market.

Market Health

Market Health: The market health affiliate program allows you to promote and market the world-leading health and beauty offers online. We offer the best tracking software in our industry and the highest paying affiliate program.

If you have any website and are interested in earning money then sales in the beauty and health industry, then is perfect. The offers included the product in the health, beauty, weight loss, and skincare industry.


MaxBounty: In this, the affiliate generates advertising revenue from their websites and mail lists however typically lack the scale and time to contend with multiple giant sponsors. acts as one purpose of contact for advertisers and affiliates and acting because of the sure supply for either side.

eBay Affiliates

eBay Affiliates:  Everything you need to know about eBay, affiliate marketing, and how our program works. Each and every day one of a kind product we have, whether the people want to buy used or new products, commonplace or rare, luxurious or plain, trendy or one of a kind – if it exists in the world it is found on eBay.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates: Amazon Associates program was launched in 1998, there were not many easy ways for building internet entrepreneurs to make money online. The Amazon affiliate required selling a ton of books by making any significant income. Amazon still has a low payout compared to other affiliate programs (1% to 10%, depending on the products), but with a huge customer base, and credibility, odds are that even you can find something to make money by promoting the product.


Avangate: The Avangate affiliate program just got better. It's already friendly, efficient in sales, and easy to handle and marketing tools. The affiliate can find easy to produce for their sites with the Avangate feed generator which newly launched product or existing product details are automatically updated on the affiliate page.


Clickbooth: Clickbooth is connect Advertisers with affiliate to drive new users or customers on a cost-per-Action(CPA), Cost- per-Lead(CPL), cost-per-install(CPI), Cost-per-click(CPC) is the pricing model. In the MoreNiche, you can get more commission and more conversions, in the commission is up to 40% and the conversion rate is up to 7.45% you get in the MoreNiche. It will monetize your website for promoting the brands in the fitness, health, weight loss industry.