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The SEO tools are really useful whilst no SEO tools are ever going to do your work for you. There area unit some extremely vital tools to possess in your tool chest as a digital trafficker, which might assist you to get additional knowledge that you simply may not otherwise see, and also do a lot of competitors snooping things like identifying which pages on your website are broken but also have a look at what your competitor is doing, how they’re building links, what if sorts of content is performing best for them.


So whether you’re unloading your own website to sorts of errors that might be holding your ranking back or whether you’re doing a little bit of competitive snooping and identifying, what that link strategy is, or how they’re using content to generate traffic, some of the tools that we’re gonna be looking at today can give you immense input, and show you an entire bunch of stuff that will take years to dig out otherwise.


So first up, let’s looks at some of the free SEO tools that pretty much every SEO or digital marketer needs in their toolbox.

First up, is Screaming Frog, and Screaming Frog is great for analyzing your website and finding technical SEO tweaks to make to improve your ranking. But we primarily use Screaming Frog to perform site audits to tell us the sort of pages that might have issues with meta or pages being indexed that shouldn’t be.


The free SEO tool is Moz Analysis. Now, there is a great way to get a free, fast overview of any particular website or authority. The Moz Domain Authority or prosecuting officer is just about trade commonplace recognition of a web site or authority currently that Google has removed its page rank variety from the toolbar, and while it’s imperfect most prosecuting attorney could be a terribly helpful route to grasp however authoritative a web site is in relevancy alternative sites, while the info that the Moz Domain Analysis tool gives much more limited than some of the other tools that we’re gonna be looking at. If you just need a quick overview of how authoritative your or a competitor site or you want to analyze how authoritative a publication might be, Moz DA is a pretty good place to start.


The next tool which absolutely a must-have for every website owner is a Google Search Console. Now Google Search Console or GSC has become way more useful for SEO over the last few years. And it's one huge advantage over the opposite tools. And that the massive advantage is that the data Google Search Console gives you, is measure data that comes directly from Google, and i.e. this is that first-party data.  That is great because you know that it’s accurate. Whereas some of the other tools that we’re looking at today are guesstimate data they’re projections they are based on small sample size or scraping or crawling or taking data from looking at how people are using the website, you know that when you go into Search Console, that data is gonna be as close as Google will give you to being completely accurate. So you'll be able to just about have confidence things like impressions and therefore the variety of clicks your site’s obtaining, as being correct. And you can use Google Search Console (GSC), to see all sorts of useful things like how many times your site is showing up in search, how many clicks it’s getting, and also the keyword that are driving clicks too. And you’ve got the very helpful reasonably basic stuff like,

How is Google able to crawl your site?

How’s Google processing any schema on your site?

And also are there any mobile issues?

And if you want to sleep well at night you can use Google Search Console to find out if Google things, your website has been hacked or not. So these tools are great as the basics. And these tools are very useful if you analyze your own site in-depth or analyze your competitors, but very surface level.

The SEO super tools like

  • SEMrush

  • Ahrefs

  • Spyfu

  • Serpstat


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Semrush: Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite that improves online visibility and discovering new marketing insights. Our reports and tools are able to help marketing to help marketers that work in the many following services such as SEO, SMM, PPC, keyword research, content marketing, marketing insight, Competitive research, PR, Campaign Management.

There are three levels of subscription that you can see on your price page the subscription are pro, Guru, and Business. If you want to take the option for trial we offer for pro and guru for trial.

With a pro trial you can do the thing listed below:

  •  You can create 3 projects.

  • You should analyze a competitor’s strategy (ads, keywords, backlinks)

  •  Manage social campaigns

  • Research keywords

  • You track up to 500 hundred keywords

  • Conduct link building

  • Get on-page insight: which as SEO ideas or content templates for up to 10 keywords

  • Technical optimization insights: audit and crawl 100,000 pages.


In the Guru trail you can access everything in a pro trial, plus:

  •  In this, you can create a total of 15 projects

  • The Content Marketing Platform: content audit, content optimization on-the-go, topic research, brand reputation monitoring.

  •  The higher limit of keyword to track-1,500

  • Access to historical data

  • It has the ability to track keyword positions across different devices and locations (multi-targeting) and identify keyword cannibalization

 Ability to make branded PDF reports.


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Aherfs: Aherf is used by marketers from some of the world’s leading companies such as Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, Shopify, NETFLIX, UBER, etc. It’s all in one toolset it has five strategies that are given below:

1)  Optimize your website that is Site Audit.

2)  Analyze your competitor’s Site Explorer.

3)  Study what your customer is searching for that keyword Explorer.

4)  And learn from your industry’s top-performing content that is content explorer.

5)  Tracking your ranking progress that is Rank Tracker.


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Spyfu: This Spyfu is shown keywords that websites buy on Google ads, as well as the keywords used for search engine results. This service has search volume statistics on keywords and it also gives a cost per click and uses the data to approximate that should know what websites are spending on advertising. Spyfu also helps advertisers project and what advertising campaign will cost in the future. This data is obtained through web-scraping, based on technology developed by velocity escape, and a company that makes web scraping software. The Spyfu is refreshed its data on a monthly basis.


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Serpstat: Serpstat is an additional associated all-in-one SEO platform it helps market consultants analyze competitors, perform ads and keyword analysis for SEO, it'll track the backlinks of any websites and online positions and their online competitors. It is a smart and powerful tool for given sectors

  • Backline analysis

  • Rank tracking

  • Site Audit

  • Keyword Research

  • Competitor Analysis