The Best SEO Friendly Web Hosting Providers

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Most web hosts claim that they have and what it takes to boost your website’s SEO. SEO is mainly about the quality content that you will deliver to your audience.

By selecting the wrong provider that can be a lot of harm. Where you might publish your content on your website, but the visitors can’t get to it quickly or easily, the search engine will penalize you for it. Search engines like google care about one thing only that is user experience. Where your visitors are with your content and website, it will give you a higher rank in search engine results pages (SERPs), which is why you want a web host with uptime and loading speeds.

What we look best SEO friendly in the web host

If the website is often offline, the user opens it immediately and bounces back to google. This will increase your bounce rate, causing your rate to lower rank in SERP (search engine result pages). Well, I have noticed that the websites that rank well were hosted on these hosting providers. These hosting will provide SEO-specific tools and fast loading speeds, and they have proved to help with boosting SEO.

Some of the features include:

•      SEO tools

•      Excellent loading speeds

•      Data center locations

•      Uptime and

•      Free SSL


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SEO TOOLS: You can easily boost your website's SEO without the help of an expert. You just have to know what you are doing and you need the right tools for the task. And many of the hosts include effective tools for free.

Excellent loading speeds: there is no secret that Google prioritizes fast-loading websites. The SEO provides the best possible user experience and there is no user like a website that loads slowly.

Datacenter locations: there is more location to choose from means that you can host your website closer to your target audience, this turn can boost your site performance.

Uptime: In this a minute or two of downtime here and there won’t affect your ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) even you have to be careful because the users will be a bounce back to google if your site is offline. This causes penalties, not to mention lost customers.

Free SSL: The SSL certificate encrypts all data on your website and is especially important for online stores that handle user information. Recently, Google has confirmed that the website without an SSL, whether e-commerce platforms or not, ranks lower in search engine rank pages (SERPs).

Here we learn about the five best SEO web hosting providers

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1) Kinsta (

2) Flywheel (

3) Siteground (

4) Fastcomet (

5) A2 hosting (

Kinsta ( The kinsta delivers premium WordPress hosting here no need to complete any of the backends dirty work along with hosting. The kinsta could be a managed WordPress hosting supplier that helps to require care of all of your wants relating to your website. We run our services on cutting-edge technology and take support seriously.

The pricing for (monthly)

• Starter- $30

• Pro- $60

• Business 1-$100

• Business 2-$200

• Business 3-$300


The SEO analysis is


Uptime guarantee- kinsta provides a server and uptime status page to see if the server is down. The kinsta dashboards and most of the data centers have a 99.97 to 100% uptime.

Hosting type offerings- Secure, Fast, managed WordPress hosting on highly reliable Google cloud infrastructure.


SSL offerings- you will receive a free SSL through lets-encrypt.

Server and locations- you get a free content delivery network (CDN) for improved performance around the globe. Kinsta has 23 global data center locations including London, lowa, Hamina, jurong West, and more. These incident reports are listed on the site for full disclosure and to show how well the data centers are run.

Customer support- Although quality customer support doesn’t rank your site higher on the search engine, it shows that it is reliable. They are more likely to help you with performance and SEO. Here the support team is very responsive, with channels through an online chat, email, social media, and a resource center.

Flywheel ( Flywheel has a reputation for providing one of the most beautiful dashboards in the hosting game and also with affordable prices for SEO-friendly, managed WordPress hosting.

The pricing for Flywheel monthly is

Tiny -$15




SEO analysis for flywheel

·        Uptime guarantee - Flywheel has the status page with an option to subscribe to server updates. The uptime has been tracked at 99.97%.

·        Hosting type offerings - The managed WordPress hosting with a CDN and Google cloud platform.

·        SSL offering - It provides free SSL certificates.

·        Server and locations - you will get to choose from 5 data centers in Canada, the UK, the US, Europe, and Australia all of which are maintained well.

·        Customer support - Flywheel provides a detailed help center through phone, emails, and live chat.

SiteGround( SiteGround offers all sorts of hosting, that embrace a comparison to the shared low-cost hosting possibility that performs fairly well in terms of SEO. it'll use it as an associate exception to our readers on cheaper shared hosting.


Pricing (monthly)


Shared hosting:

Startup -$11.95

GrowBig- $19.95

Go Geek-$34.95

Point view you can save 70% of shared plans for your first billing cycle.


Cloud hosting

Entry -$80

Business -$130


SEO analysis

·        Uptime guarantee - 99.9%.

·        Hosting type offerings - The site ground sells cheaper shared hosting, along with specialized hosting for certain eCommerce, and with high-performance cloud hosting, and site builder platforms.

·        SSL offerings - In this, all plan gets a free SSL certificate.

·        Server and locations - the server are located in the UK, US, Singapore, Europe, and Australia.

·        Customer support - they will contact them through email, phone, chat, and social media.


FastComet ( In this most of the host doesn’t have their primary focus on small businesses, but here the fast comet is all about startups, freelancers and small businesses. With the fast server, top-notch equipment, and a CDN, you can’t go wrong with SEO.

Pricing for monthly

Shared hosting:

·        Fast cloud -$9.95

·        Fastcloud plus $14.95

·        Fastcloud Extra-$19.95


Even you can save 70 percent of the first billing cycle for all shared plans.

Cloud VPS hosting:

·        Cloud 1- $59.95

·        Cloud 2-$69.95

·        Cloud 3-$89.95

·        Cloud 4-$139.95

Dedicated servers:

·        DS1- $139

·        DS2- $169

·        DS3- $229

·        DS4- $349


SEO analysis

·        Uptime guarantee - FastComet promises a 99.99% uptime with full transparency about the downtimes.

·        Hosting time offerings - sharing less desirable SEO, cloud VPS, W  WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and specialized eCommerce hosting.

·        SSL offerings - it’s also certificate-free SSL.