Cookies Policy

Cookies are essential for websites. We need to implement them on our site for giving the best user experience. In Cookies Policy we explained that.

This is the Cookies Policy page of We use Cookies on our website. This page explains the cookies we use how they work, What kind of cookies we use, Why we use them, and you can get other answers regarding the cookies.


What are the Cookies?


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computers or cell phones when you visit our site. Your browser or device holds the cookies so that when you again visit our website, it can identify you and your last time information. Cookies identify your preferences for our site and other information. However, cookies can’t read your hard disc’s data and other cookies knowledge of another website you visit.

Why we use Cookies?

We use cookies for various kinds of reasons. We use them on our site to give the viewer enhance the browsing and personalize the viewer experience. Cookies remain in your browser or your device for a long time. If you do not delete them, they stay there until they reach their expiry date. It depends on the cookies.

The Cookies we use :

  • Strictly necessary Cookies or Essential Cookies: These cookies are essential for our site. Without these Cookies, you cannot use our specific features. Like, log in to the secure areas of our website, etc.

  • Functional or Performance Cookies: These cookies recognize you when you revisit our website. They remember your preferences and personalize our contents as per your aptitude. For example like your preferred language, your region, etc.

  • Analytical Cookies: These analytics cookies help us to improve our services of the website as per your use of the facilities. These help us to improve our site and services. We positively cannot identify the visitor personally, but the third party who offers these cookies may be able to. Analytics cookies show us various kinds of statistics that show us where our visitors visit the most, Where they face problems. These help us to improve our services.

  • Behavior or Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used to deliver more relevant advertisements to the users. We analyze the user’s interest, on what pages they most visit, on products or services they are interested in, on which ads they click or like, etc. They help to serve you the ads you are interested in. Besides that these Cookies ensure the ads are showing correctly.

  • Flash Cookies: In some conditions when maybe a video or any animation playing we may use Flash Cookies to our site. Not like other cookies, Flash Cookies are stored in your Computer or Cell Phone, But, and they are entirely different rather than the normal one provided by your web browser.

  • Social Media Cookies: With the help of these Social Media Cookies we integrate various kinds of Social Media functions into our website.

  • Third-Party Cookies: Third parties operate some of the cookies on our website like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Some of these third-party websites may use cookies to the services, advertises to allow them to deliver the services they provide to the site. Some of the Third Party Cookies may use to analyze the user to offer them a more user-friendly experience. Some of the Third Party Cookies may store your preferences, and we cannot control their Cookies Policy. So we are recommending you to check about their Cookies Policy and how they use cookies.

How can you Control Cookies :


When you visit our site for the first time, you may see a message that we use cookies and other similar technologies to our website. When you click “Accept” and Continue surfing our site that means you read all our Cookies Policy and additional related technical information and you agree to all our Cookies Policy as they are described in our Cookies Policy.

You have the full right to decline our Cookies Policy at any time. If you do not agree with our Cookies Policy, you might not be able to use specific features of our website. You can do this from your browser setting. From there you can deny all or some of our cookies we apply to our site.

Do we change the Cookies Policy?

Yes, we can change our Cookies Policy at any time without any earlier information. So we are requesting you to check our Cookies Policy frequently to stay updated about our Cookies Policy.

We hope after reading this Cookies Policy you have understood what cookies are and how we use them. If you have more queries regarding our Cookies Policy, please mail us at