Contents Marketing and its Various Types of Content Marketing.

Content Marketing

It’s the plan that part of the overall business plan. The marketing strategy is the foundation of a well-written marketing plan so that the goal may be achieved.

The main marketing plans that contents are: Executive summary which is situational analysis. Opportunities its issue analysis – SWOT analysis.

The content of the marketing plan shown briefly below points:

1. Executive summary: The brief statement of executive summary with goals and recommendations based on hard data.

2. The current marketing situation:  The presence of data on the product, market, distribution, competition, and macro-environment. This include different situation is

          The market situation: The data on target in market, size and growth for past few years and each segment. The data on customers should need the perceptions, and buying behavior trends.

          Product situation: The sales, contribution margins, prices, and net product for each major product in the past several years.

          Competitive situation: The competitors described the terms of their size, market share, goals, product quality, and marketing strategies.

          Macro environment situation: there are broadly describe into macro-environment trends- demographic, technological, economic, socio/cultural, that bear on a product’s feature.

          Distribution situation: The size of information and the importance of distributing each channel.

3. Opportunity and issues analysis: there are four types of analysis that are

  •           The Strengths and weakness analysis

  •           SWOT analysis

  •           Threats and opportunities analysis

  •           Issue analysis: this uses SWOT to define the main issues of the plan address.

4. Objectives: It defines the marketing goals and the financial plan’s in terms of sales volume, market share, and profit.

5. Marketing strategy (the game plan): In the marketing strategy marketing will be used to achieve goals.

Target marketing, product line, prices, service, distribution outlets, advertising, sales promotions, research and development, and marketing research.

6. The action programs: These are special marketing programs that design to achieve objectives goals, i.e., winning the loyalty of existing customers.



There are different types of content marketing are:

  • Blogging

  • Email

  • Video

  • Infographics

  • Podcasting

  • Visual content

  • Webinars

  • Free apps

  • Social media posts

And many more the content of marketing are available.

Let’s discuss a few of them here.



Blogging is a great option in content marketing and it’s suitable for small businesses. But there are different other forms of content that are growing super quickly. And there is a good reason behind this the blogs are one of the best ways to improve SEO and it has more traffic to your site from search engines.


This will help you as a marketer to make your limited marketing budget by advertising with inbound marketing efforts. For the business process, the graphic is used above the blogs regularly. Not only the blogging help improve your search engine optimization, but it’s also a great way to build the relationship with your current customers and leads.

Email marketing

Email marketing

Email promoting is that the act of causing messages, usually to a bunch of individuals by using email. It is frequently used to enhance a brand or business relationship with current or previous customers and repeat business, encourage loyalty, and acquire customers.

The emails which you have to send to the customer should have quality, relevant, and interesting content. They also need to visually appealing.

The email marketing content the four basic parts:

1.Subject line

2.body copy

3.The call to action (CTA)

4.sign off

1) Subject line: It has endless analysis on the foremost and least effective subject lines. Even not everyone has a research type, and it is easy to place to start your own inbox.

2) Body copy: If the call to action and subject lines are the bread of your email sandwich, the body copy is the meat. If there's attention alongside your very clickable subject line, use its body to repeat and share the relevant, quality, and industry adjacent content. If there's more relevant it's, the more it'll be shared, and your more brand and name get ahead of potential customers.

4) The call to action (CTA): your call to action should read something like “read more” for example if you share a blog post, then bring the traffic to your website that people open your website and read it. That action should read something like “read more”.

5) Sign off: The way you end an email can leave the latest impression. This simple task can be rather daunting. If you close your email with a personal touch, and most of all include your contact information.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Let us discuss a video that is more relevant to a customer today viewing more video content than ever before. The online activity is spent watching video content about one-third of other online activity. It helps in boosting one’s brand awareness. The more time your customers spend on your website, the make great sales to your company. According to Effy, creating a video has increased more percentage in social shares compared to other types of content.




podcast marketing

It is a new content of marketing channels it has become incredibly popular in the past several years. Podcasting can add a new design or dimension to your brand content marketing strategy. Where the content marketing strategy already in situ, you're no stranger to fundamental principles that guide it.

There are five benefits of podcasting:

1) Current popularity: The popularity is currently more than a million podcasts. Where podcasts still being a faster growth trajectory as more people discovered and become immersed in the medium.

2) Easy of entry: This podcast is valuable because it will create easy and you should put your efforts just as you would with any kind of content.

3) collaborative potential: It has the audio experience lends itself well to collaboration, it will benefit by going on other podcasts.

4) Cross medium potential: It has podcasts that also a gateway, it produces multiple forms of content simultaneously.

5) The New audience segment: some of the people who prefer listening to podcasts may never discover your new work unless you have to break them into audio content.

Social Media Posts

Social media Post

In social media no longer secret that small businesses can be harness the power of social media to reach their target audience.

The social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter which help the businesses to reach the new audience and nature relationships with customers.

These social media content posts play an important role in your company engages new leads and existing customers. The social media posts as a part of your content marketing strategy is depending on what are your goals are. There are different ways that social media channels can be used to influence target marketer purchasing decisions. It helps new leads discover your product, alert customers to sales and promotions, and provide leads and customers with more information about your products. Social media posts are to start a conversation with the consumer to your target audience.