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What is the high ticket?

It is a structure where the affiliate is paid higher than usual rates to close expensive services and products like enterprise software or coaching programs. The compensation can higher than 50 percent. Here the higher percentages are a reflection of the fact that selling these products tends to require better content and more trust. It should be clear why the last two if you are serious about affiliate marketing. If programs are recurring monthly rates it will provide you with years of high income for a single conversation. That you can turn the profit with only a few conversations of a year.

What are the best high ticket affiliate programs?

Below I have listed the top affiliate programs:

• Marketing, Business, and entrepreneurship

• investing and personal finance

Marketing, Business, and entrepreneurship:

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This will be filled with high-paying affiliate programs because the customers are among the biggest fish online. They are looking to make investments and sources for big software solutions in their business. In this, a single sale can have hundreds of dollars. If you want to explore the following high ticket affiliate programs.

• Shopify

• WPX Hosting

• WP Engine

• ConvertKit

• ClickFunnels

• Liquid Web


Shopify: It is a massive service that powers that is the better part of one million online stores. They will provide many services including payments, tools to build websites, handle web hosting, and implement shopping carts.

The Basic is eCommerce that provides a commission of 58 dollars per paid subscription referral and the unique features are a Rich library of existing content you can use including videos, webinars, and automated funnels. The Products SAAS(Software as a service) for this commission is providing $2000/per plus program referral.


WPX Hosting: WPX is a WordPress hosting and it is a domain service that has built its brand around its zippy web hosting and the fast load times they offer. Their high price tag affiliate program offers an embassy rate that will increase steadily the additional individuals you usher in. Here the starting referral is 70 dollars per referral, if there is potential you can make it a thousand per month. The basics Niches is hosting that commission provide it first 25 referral is $70 commission per sale and the special features is payout as early as 35 days after signup. And the Product in the basic is Subscription web hosting services it will provide the commission of 26-100 referrals $85 commission per sale and the unique feature is “fix it for you” tech support.


WP Engine: It’s another managed WordPress service that offers support and web hosting. They target SMBs, enterprises, and agencies with their services (and provide support materials to target them yourself) so the conversation is surprisingly high value. The WP engine affiliate program also includes a healthy market of themes through studio press. The Basics is in WP Engine is Hosting that commission is provided by $200 minimum commissions for WP Engine sales and it provides (180-day cookie duration). And the special feature is Custom discounts that you can offer to your audience. The Products Managed WP hosting and related services and the commission is 35% of Studio Press theme sales (60-day cookie duration).


ConvertKit: ConvertKit is an email marketing service with a collection of tools to help people to organize, to automate, and grow their email lists. Their customers tend to be influence and advertisers are likely to form a long relationship with the company If they are satisfied. This high ticket affiliate program focuses on its business subscription plan, which includes a bundle of services. In this, the affiliates who will join the program can claim 30% of the subscription on a recurring monthly basis. The basis of marketing the commission is to provide 30% which will be a monthly commission rate per sale for every person who signs up. The special features that are given are pre-made content including assets, video, and webinars.


ClickFunnels: ClickFunnels bills itself as a sales funnel builder for online business and the website. The customers can subscribe to the suite of website building tools and take the advantage of the growing library of Ebook guides. The basics of marketing strategy that commission is to provide up to 40% per month recurring commission on all of the front-end offers. The unique feature is Scaling affiliate commission based on performance. And the other form of basics is Sales funnel and website management SaaS, ebooks and the commission is $100 for other product sales.


Liquid Web: It is a fully managed hosting services that offer a range of different server application and solutions for a task like hosting mail and migrating sites. Liquid Web the services are a great match for large businesses in the marketing for long-term orders. The liquid Web affiliate program doesn’t pay a recurring commission rate on all subscriptions, they will pay a rate above 100% for the initial sale of some high ticket affiliate products. The basics niche is hosting that provides commission up to 150% monthly hosting cost with a $150+ per sale. The special features of this Existing library of banner ads and links to help you start.

And the product in basics is Managed WordPress, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting and the commission is a 50% bonus for pre-paid plans.


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Investing and personal finance is filled with great affiliate programs and high ticket products. Many of the customers are willing to pay high prices and from long relationships with services that they value. The affiliate offers involving personal wealth, so people see the cost is less than the investment. It will support that great high ticket affiliate programs can offer matter a lot when it comes to building trust you should consider affiliate offers from:

  • Goldco


  • Etoro

Goldco: Goldco deals in precious metal IRAs and investments. The basic niche is investments that provide a commission of $35 to $200 per sale. Special features are a Bi-weekly payout schedule.

The basic products are Gold IRAs, silver IRAs provide the commission of 3% to 6% sale by quarterly annual volume. The special feature is the freedom to create your own assets (with approval).


FXPRIMUS: It is a major currency-trading site with multiple instruments, platforms, learning materials, and other resources to help you move to high ticket offers. The basic niche FOREX provides a commission of up to $600 in CPA commissions the special feature is daily payouts. The basic products are trading platforms, accounts, and investing instruments. The commission is lifetime loyalty rebates the unique features are 120+ trading instruments with attached offers.


Etoro: Etoro is a currency-trading platform that will be focused on cryptocurrencies. It is one of the largest platforms out there. The basic niche in trading that the commission is base on 25% revenue share or $400 DCPA opportunities. And the special feature is the affiliate program also includes a way to earn through second-tier referrals and income generation as a popular investor.

The Basic product is Trading accounts that provide the commission of 25% of those referral brokers.